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PART 1: Who are Gen Z and why they matter?
PART 2: 10 Lifestyle trends & brand cases
TREND 1 Pursuit of Higher Life Quality
TREND 2  Punk Wellness
TREND 3  Sustainable Consumption
TREND 4  Single Business
TREND 5  Looks are Essential
TREND 6  Self-joy Consumption
TREND 7  Homebody & Lazy Economy
TREND 8  Social Circles
TREND 9  Cultural Recognition & Nostalgia
TREND 10 Fans Economy
PART 3: Implications for brands


  10 Gen Z Lifestyle Trends in China 2021 Report
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Double V. Consulting

Founded in 2017, Double V. Consulting aims to help international DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) brands enter China market. Double V. Consulting provides training courses and consulting services, and we assist brands with e-commerce, branding & marketing.

Double V. Consulting especially focuses on niche platforms targeting millennials and Gen Z, including but not limited to the most popular Chinese social commerce APP RED/XiaoHongShu, and the Gen Z video sharing platform Bilibili.

Kauseway Consulting

Your design and lifestyle brands' growth partner in China, advocating for the Nordic design and lifestyle in China and supporting brands along their way to China through marketing and sales development.


Founded in 2021 by an experienced Cross-border Marketer, Kauseway offers almost 20 years of experience within Marketing and Sales across Denmark and China. We are specialized in branding, e-commerce setup and distribution channel development for new Nordic design and lifestyle brands.


​Kauseway has offices in Copenhagen and Shanghai with a dedicated team and solid partners across the country.