1. C-beauty industry overview
  2. Case study 1: Perfect Diary
  3. Case study 2: Florasis
  4. Case study 3: HomeFacial Pro
  5. Case study 4: Winona

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Report by Daxue Consulting & Double V consulting

Double V. Consulting

Founded in 2017, Double V. Consulting aims to help international DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) brands enter China market. Double V. Consulting provides training courses and consulting services, and we assist brands with e-commerce, branding & marketing.

Double V. Consulting especially focuses on niche platforms targeting millennials and Gen Z, including but not limited to the most popular Chinese social commerce APP RED/XiaoHongShu, and the Gen Z video sharing platform Bilibili.

Daxue Consulting

• A market research firm specializing on the Chinese market since 2010

• With 3 offices in China: in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong

• Employing 40+ full-time consultants

• Full, complete, national coverage

• Efficient and reliable fieldwork execution across China

• Using our expertise to draw precise, reliable recommendations

• With key accounts from around the world