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1.Intimacy with “Space”

People long to obtain higher quality social experiences by setting "spaces" to filter and delay social information.

2.Exhibition of Failures

Exhibiting one’s failures becomes a new socializing mode.

3.Instant Relationships

People spend less and less time on one another, and they can bid farewell anytime with no concerns. 

4.Community Innovation

People pay more attention to community construction in their neighbourhood, and various activities and services of community construction appear.

5.“Container” Spaces

Extra and more flexible functions are added in the limited space created by partitions in order to adapt to people’s diverse needs for extensive socializing.

6.Countryside Artistic Spaces

Artistic/cultural spaces are built in the countryside for urban sharers and learners to visit and study, which also opens a window to the outside world for the countryside.

7.Buckyball-style Collaboration

It is a new type of "come-and-go" organization in which temporary teams of collaborators quickly form online for a certain task.

8.Female Leadership

Real female leaders are emerging in every field to bring real improvements to the world.

9.Skin Hunger

In a world where offline communication and face-to-face interaction are less and less, people increasingly lack real touch.

10.Anthropomorphic Love

More and more products are anthropomorphized in form as well as personality traits, and have sex, emotions and attachment with human beings.


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