(54 pages)

1. F&B industry overview

2. Case study 1: Genki Forest #元气森林 

- How it become the zero sugar version of “Coca-Cola” in China?

3. Case study 2: CoffeePls #永璞咖啡 

- How freeze-dried coffee sold over 1.5 million boxes in one day?

4. Case study 3: RamenTalk #拉面说 

- How it reached 250 million RMB GMV, ranking NO.1 on Tmall list of instant food category? 

5. Case study 4: HEYTEA #喜茶 

- How it becomes the “Starbucks” of the new style tea industry? 


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Founded in 2017, Double V. Consulting aims to help international DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) brands enter China market. Double V. Consulting provides training courses and consulting services, and we assist brands with e-commerce, branding & marketing.

Double V. Consulting especially focuses on niche platforms targeting millennials and Gen Z, including but not limited to the most popular Chinese social commerce APP RED/XiaoHongShu, and the Gen Z video sharing platform Bilibili.

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